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Murder and Matchmaking
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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to be less productive: Noisy Roof Repairs

It has not been a productive start to the week for me. We’ve been having the roof repaired and it is not a quiet process. I wish I was better at blocking out noise but I’ve found it too difficult to concentrate with loud banging and crashing going on all day. I tried writing and failed (actually even the laptop was struggling with the tremors – the cursor kept jumping all over the page and the second half of words ended up being inserted in the middle of the paragraph above). I tried to do a bit of editing but kept losing track mid-sentence every time a noisy series of bangs shook the room. I then picked up a book and figured I’d get in some reading if I couldn’t write, but I couldn’t even manage that with all the noise. I’ve always known that I worked better with peace and quiet but I was surprised at how badly I coped with the cacophony of bangs and thuds. I would have felt a little more justified at my intolerance to the noise if it had been shared with others; however, my young son slept through the racket at his usual naptime with no real problems and my cat, who had scampered onto my lap to seek refuge from the scary noise, also fell asleep with no trouble. A toddler and a cat had happily gone to sleep through the loud noise but I couldn’t write? How feeble is that? Maybe I just needed to invest in a good pair of earplugs. The plan is now to write like crazy once the aforementioned toddler has gone to bed this evening. I just have to make sure I don’t fall asleep immediately after he nods off like I did last night! Otherwise this could turn out to be a very unproductive couple of days indeed.


Matt said...

I must confess I was pretty shocked to see the little guy asleep at lunchtime when I popped home. Half the roof had been stripped, there was a carpenter sawing through bits of wood that needed replacing and hammering in new bits, the roofer was tearing off the last few sheets of iron and his assistant was dragging the old roof across the driveway and chucking it onto a pile of slightly rusty olf roofing sheets. It was incredibly noisy! To walk into the shuddering house and find Dominic asleep was quite a surprise.

Frankly staying sane through a day of that kind of noise is an achievement - delaying writing until the evening is the only sensible response (though our plan to go stay with one of our parents if it had been during the holidays was a good alternative).

Unknown said...

Debbie, commiserations, I understand completely how hard it is to concentrate when things around you disrupt you.

I personally can handle some noise, in fact some music really inspires me, and in June I used the soundtrack to The Three Musketeers, Labyrinth and The Princess Bride to get me through the month. Great at blocking out the hustle and bustle of my busy son!

Hope the roof repairs are completed quickly! :o)

Debbie Cowens said...

Well, unfortunately (or fortunately dpending on who you look at it) the rain has halted the roof repairs over the last couple of days. It has meant a peaceful house so I've been able to get a lot of editing done which is good.

The soundtrack idea sounds good. I shall have to try it.

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