Murder and Matchmaking

Murder and Matchmaking
A novel mashup of Sherlock Holmes and Pride & Prejudice

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forensic Alphabet #3

This week My First Forensic Alphabet looks at the letters I-L.

A witness can describe the person they saw,
Identifying features like their eyes, nose and paw.

J is for JURY
To help give the defendant a trial that is fair,
The verdict’s deliberated by a jury of twelve unbiased bears.

There’s a lot to examine in a stab or a slash,
Point of entry and how deep, long, and neat is the gash.

L is for LUMINOL
Iron present in haemoglobin makes any blood trace or mark,
Act as a catalyst so that luminol glows in the dark.

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Matt said...

It almost looks like identi-kit tiger IS the criminal in the drawing.

Or maybe it's the tiger's evil twin?

Debbie Cowens said...

While the suspect appears to be a large feline, it doesn't have stripes and the tuft of mane it has doesn't match the sketch artist's smoother hairdo. The slight resemblance between the tiger and the drawing has nothing to do with a failed teddy bear sketch that looked tigerish quickly having whiskers added to make its feline features look intentional. Honest.

Unknown said...

Oh, these are so cool. Can't wait until you get to some difficult letters. But, perhaps you've already got them figured out.


Debbie Cowens said...

Yeah, I struggled enough coming u with something for J. It may well end up being murder by Zebra when I get to Z. Hopefully I'll come up across something better by then. :-)

A Certain Book said...

What a neat idea! Love the jury and I'm sure you'll find something cool for Z. :)

Debbie Cowens said...

Thanks! Fortunately, the trickier letters are towards the end of the alphabet - a boon for lexicographers and writers of children's ABC books.