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Murder and Matchmaking
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The week so far in a handy Deficit/Surplus Summary

I'm into lists this week. Lists are a reliable fail-safe when your brain is failing. Deficits - Sleep (fewer hours than the recommended 8 a night, way fewer than the desired 10+ hour sleep-in I would dream of if I had more sleep in which to dream) - Biscuits - Energy - Fun family holiday trips (Total so far = 1 visit to Porirua Mental Hospital Museum on Tuesday). - Exercise - Hours in which to write Surplus - Rain - Time spent lamenting the rain and the inability do outdoors activties/hang up washing due to weather - Coffee (although still consuming less than I want to. Plan to reduce caffeine intake heading for its inexorable doom.) - Number of trashy magazine articles read whilst waiting for hairdresser. Utter bewilderment at how microscopic curves on the abdomen of skinny celebs constitutes a 'baby belly' rather than exhalation. Plan to send photos of my whale-like third trimester stomach to womens' magazines to clarify this issue for them interrupted by the arrival of a soothing coffee from a nice apprentice hairdresser. - Books on the growing pile of things I want to read


Unknown said...

Missing: Humorous blog posts like this one! Glad to read it.

Surplus: Coffee
X Factor Gamu/Matt videos on YouTube to keep me from writing.


Giffy said...

So that museum is good then? Neat! Rain is not so good.

Debbie Cowens said...

Clarissa - Yeah, youtube and the internet are terrible with all the tempting forms of procrastination they offer.

Giffy - The museum is not that big but it's interesting. Worth a look if you happen to be around, but I wouldn't recommend anyone undertaking a thousand mile pilgrimage to see it. I will probably get around to posting some pics some day in the near future.

JournoMich said...

Short on biscuits? Oh no! From your profile it's obvious this is a big problem.

And...a mental hospital museum? Sounds tragic. Does it count as family fun? Then again, who am I to talk? I'd take any kind of family or even alone vacation at this point!

I have a special award for you today at my blog. Hopefully this will be a plus today for you. :)

Thanks for being a great blogger/writer/reader!


Debbie Cowens said...

The biscuit shortage was my fault, part of my plan to reduce sugar and caffeine. The road to biscuit/coffee cravings is paved with good intentions.

The Porirua Mental Hospital is a pretty tragic place but I was also moved by some of the touches of warmth and humanity there. The treatment of mental health issue back then was not exactly ideal in some respects but it also wasn't a sadistic place without concern for patient welfare.

My son only enjoyed exploring the first couple of rooms before dragging his dad out to romp around in the grounds. He probably enjoyed the ice cream after the trip more, but I got to have a good look around. :-)

Thanks for the award and the kind words, Michele.