Murder and Matchmaking

Murder and Matchmaking
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Progress

I made a list of ten things I wanted to achieve during January at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, I got a nasty bout of gastroenteritis which rendered me unable to do anything much other than lie around in bed feeling immensely sorry for myself for about a week. Currently, I’m sitting on five out of ten things accomplished with a bit less than a week to go. I should be able to get seven or maybe eight done hopefully. The beloved laptop is starting to show signs of fatigue after a couple of years with heavy writing use. The ‘e’ key is starting to go and often needs a couple of taps. I guess I shall have to fix up another keyboard to use or else start writing using only words without any ‘e’ in them. I’m planning to devote most of February to editing which seems balanced given that I’ve spent virtually all of January writing new stories and letting the pile of things that require editing build up. After a couple of exciting acceptances at the beginning of the month, my email inbox has been something of a barren wasteland. I’m waiting to hear back from a number of places but it seems that checking your email obsessively doesn’t actually make the emails you want arrive any faster. So far 2010 has been going quite unevenly – bursts of productivity and good news punctuated with quiet lulls of inactivity. Hopefully, February will be busy writing-wise and my inbox will be flooded with dazzlingly exciting emails. Right, time to check my email again…


Matt said...

Hopefully Feb will also be free from 6-day illnesses :-)

The e key is currently back in action after some careful poking with a folded piece of paper under the key. There didn't seem to be anything under there, so it's probably the contacts or spring or something equally fragile? Fingers crossed it keeps behaving!

Debbie Cowens said...

Awesome! Now I can write an exceeding numbers of e's without thumping my keyboard.

Matt said...

Lappy has internetty! In the lounge!

Hooray for wireless :-]